Ages Past by Casper Parks

Imagine a time when all human races had never warred between themselves.
The only pursuits in life were a quest for knowledge, creativity and spiritual wisdom.

After Benjamin discovered a habitable planet, he negotiated opening the colony for humans from across the known universe. His home planet of Bootes had been isolated and inhabitants used for experiments by the Kohana (Greys).

Many humans from other star system feared Kohana experiments had altered DNA of humans from Bootes. As an exchange of various human cultures is underway, those fears faded away. When Jermack fell in love with a girl from another star system, Benjamin stood proud that his son led the way for others.

A small number of non-human races were afraid of humans intermixing and creating a new race. In doing so, humans could request another seat on the Council of All and upset the balance of power.

Opposed to the colony, a Cold Blooded Coalition formed and contacted the Kohana for help to an end the new human colony.

"The voice and style has a classy sound to it without going over the top," Bestselling Author Ralph Cotton"

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