Coming From Darkness by Casper Parks

Epic near future, science fiction novel.

After a UFO crashed into a motel, public outcry demanded action. A governmental agency moved a Disclosure plan ahead of schedule. In the name of public safety, alien abductees are herded into special camps.

In the years following, RFID biochip implants go from voluntary to the law of the land, and anyone refusing placed into retraining camps. Government scanners for biochips double as scanners for alien implants.

First three years after Disclosure, young alien abductee Bryce had unintentionally dodged capture. When biochips became law, he fled into the wilds to live among survivalists. Former operatives of a shadow government whom had defected scanned him for an alien implant.

Bryce is not simply a former abductee - He is an Unknown abductee. Like a society gone mad around them, survivalists fear former alien abductees.

They suspect that aliens programed him to complete a secret mission. The government learned he is an Unknown, and intensified their hunt for him.

Abandoned by aliens, pursued by the government and hated by society, Bryce must come to terms with an abusive past. He must learn to forgive others and forgive himself.

All the while, he must evade capture and learn what it means to be an Unknown and discover whatever his mission was.
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