Perceptional Threshold by Casper Parks

Fast paced, action packed, science fiction thriller
Professor Andrew Hueser enlists his younger brother Peter and four other students in his special project, keeping the school board in the dark as to his true find, alien technology.

Upon assembling and powering the equipment, he expected it opened a doorway to another planet or dimension. He was wrong. When stepping through the Door of Light, they bodies are transformed into a ghost-like state.

Adventurous, they set-out to explore the Hollywood Strip as ghosts. What they discover is horrific. They had opened a Passage onto a Ghost-like Prison Plane where Fallen Angels are imprisoned.

They must make it back to the college alive, through the Door of Light and shut it down to prevent a massive prison break.

Aliens, Angels and Fallen Angels fighting an ongoing Ancient War, their prize humanity caught in the middle and not comprehending what is at stake.

From all side it becomes a Mad-Dash for the Door of Light.

Bestselling Author Ralph Cotton, "Perceptional Threshold delivers all of the right elements essential to good enjoyable fiction. Parks' work doesn't present itself as a debut novel, but rather as the efforts of an old hand and authority unique in presenting this fascinating look at the dimensional realities surrounding us in a cosmic forward roll of cause and affect."

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